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*Lord God, I confess that my sin was so terrible.  My life so unclean.  My defiance and war against you so complete and so ugly…that a man had to be beaten beyond recognition, forced to climb a hill with a huge beam of wood on his back, pinned down onto that beam of wood with nails hammered through various places on his body, bled out and suffocated unto death…in order to pay for all that I had done.  I confess that that was the righteous price demanded to forgive all of my many crimes.  May I remember this, instead of thinking more highly of myself than I ought or too low of others.  Instead of fear that my sin will be exposed, would that I realize that Calvary already screams out the fullness of my guilt.  There is nothing I can confess as shocking as what the cross already confesses about me.  I was a man in desperate need of saving and you were a God truly desperate to save.

*This little prayer was inspired by a section of Milton Vincent’s A Gospel Primer for Christians entitled “Exposed by the Cross, Part II.”