I have no idea if anyone reads these things, so I’m not going out on a major limb here by sharing a song that I’ve written.  The tune has been running through my head and the general idea of the song has been building, and so I thought I’d see if anyone had some feedback on it.  It’s called “How I Need.”  The words are still a bit in process and the recording is a very rough solo job on my desktop, but I’m not putting it here in order to get a record deal 🙂

To listen, click here.

How I Need

How I need your crucifixion

A child of wrath alone was I

Punished, you died for my transgression

Your guiltlessness, oh, now is mine

-Yes, your righteousness, oh, now is mine


How I need…to be pardoned

Making war against Your cause

I fought like mad to crucify you…

But You spoke forgiveness from the cross

-Yes, you said, ‘For-give them’ from the cross


How I need your resurrection

I had only a grave to be my home

Satan’s head is crushed, and death is dying

New Creation comes for these dry bones

-Oh, you breathe sweet breath on these dry bones


How I need regeneration

Born a-gain, by will divine

My heart of stone had ceased its beating

But now it’s drumming in my chest by your love revived

-My heart explodes with love now it’s fin’lly alive


How I need my heavenly Father

Who called me “child” before creation breathed

Oh, I need the Holy Spirit

To give me all that Jesus has won for me

-He makes all of God’s promises ‘YES’ for me