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Well, I have taken a break to visit my family after 2 years outside of the U.S. and now we are neck deep in boxes and moving into a new apartment, but I thought I shouldn’t all any further behind than I have.  Of course, I have just read the challenge and realized that it is supposed to take me 48 hours to complete!  Despite the instructions, I will try to just answer the question on the fly.  You can read it for yourself here.  Once again I feel like the challenge misses the main point of the quote introducing it.  I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps the quotes and the challenges themselves are NOT NECESSARILY meant to be mutually inspiring.  However, since I went with the quote last time, I will go with the challenge this time.

I’m a crucial point in my career, making a leap from one sector to another, one location to another, and one task to another.  I may have mentioned that I just finished an MBA as the first step in making this transition, but the MBA is not magic pill that I swallow and wake-up with the perfect situation, especially in today’s economy.  The step that I want to take to find the right, new career situation is actually already planned.  I have a phone call tomorrow with one firm, and have direct connections with two or three others that seem to believe that I am a fit somehow with what they are doing.  I need wisdom to move forward, identifying and embracing NOT the good option, but the best option.

This post feels a little bare, a little surfacy.  Sorry for that.  Come back tomorrow for something better (hopefully).