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Ladies and Gents,

I’m not big into writing challenges…never actually done one…always thought they were a little hokey…but…I’m going to try one…this one.  Here’s a few basic reasons why.

First, I love to write.  I think I’m a good writer.  But, I’ve never really challenged myself to work on my craft.  It’s time to think about things like that!  Second, I want to blog more, but sometimes have a hard time making myself get to it, so this is a challenge to myself and hopefully some inspiration. Lastly, I’ve felt pent up recently in terms of personal processing…perhaps this can be an instigator for more important areas of my life, to get me thinking and talking with the important people.

Now, I’m about four days late on participating due to traveling internationally with Madame S. and Enfant S. #1 and #2.  Still jet-lagging a bit, but feel fine enough to get started here.  Join with me if you like…better late than never, right? So, Day #1′s challenge is here. If you don’t read it, what follows might not make sense. In short, I have 15 minutes to live…what is the story that needs to be told. Let’s do it.

Step #1: I assume that Madame S. is there with me when I get the bad news.  Here’s what I want to tell her: My friend, my bride, my beloved.  You are strong…stronger than you know. I wish I had more time to tell you all that I know and love about you that you don’t understand about yourself.  Trust God…He is always good.  Wife of my youth, here is my final charge to you: Do your duty as a mother.  Know that I love you with an intensity that I cannot even understand, but much less than you deserve. You know that I have to talk to some others before the end.  Sit with me, my love, while I write.

Step #2: I write a letter to Enfant S #1.  My HOS, my budkins, my treasured boy.  I have had so much fun with you.  I wish I had more time to spend with you, but I know that I will some day.  Son, trust in God with all your heart, with all hope, and perfect faith.  He is your Good Father.  Buddy, here is my charge for you: learn to be a man, a man of integrity and courage, a gentle man and a man of beautiful masculinity.  Love, protect, and serve your mother…and also your sister.  That is your first calling from God, and from me.  Keep watch over your sister.  She needs you.  I already see in you all that God will complete, and it is precious to behold.  Be strong and grieve well.  I love you right up to the moon and back.

Step #3: I write a letter to Enfant S #2.  My blue eyed wonder. What a blessing you are to me. I am going to miss your smile and giggles so much, but I will see you again.  I am going to be with Jesus for a little while, and then I will see you again.  My daughter, trust in God will all your heart, with all hope, and perfect faith.  He is your Good Father.  Lovely girl, here is my charge to you. Watch maman (mommy) so you can learn to be an excellent woman, full of character and faith.  Talk with her about all of your hopes and fears…she understands.  Your bubba will always be there to protect you with all his strength, so trust him.  And, trust that I love you, and I am already so proud of you, my little darling.

Step #4: I write a letter to a select group of men.  Gentlemen, I will be leaving this world and entering into everlasting bliss.  I ask you, as men that I love and trust, to seek how you might serve my family as I leave.  Help Madame S. in the coming days with all of the work required by my passing.  Help Enfant S #1 learn to be a man who loves and fears God and performs the duties befitting of a man.  Let him know how much I love and cherish him.  Keep a watchful eye on Enfant S #2. Reminding her of my boundless love for her, and offer to serve as a guardian of her glorious purity.  I know this is a grave task to which I call you, but I know you to be men ready and able to fulfill it.  Thank you my cherished friends.

Step #5: I hold my family until the end, praying and praising God for the gift they are to me.

Monsieur S