Sorry, one and all, for my lengthy absence.  I’ve been crunching a 2 year MBA program into 7 months, and just finished.  This, hopefully, means that I can come up for air, and maybe even blog a bit.  But, I’m not truly blogging today.  Instead, I wanted to draw you attention to this article.  The U.S. courts, including the most supreme in the land, has ordered California to slash its prison population.  Whether you agree with the court’s decisions, it is what it is, and somehow California must choose who gets released back into the population and who needs to stay put.  As a state, they have long been in debt (they spend 9 Billion a year for prisons), and so the state can’t spend anything on released inmates re-entry programs.  I was happy to see that the Church is responding to this situation (crisis?) by preparing programs, offering services, housing, mentors, etc!

As I read, I felt, “that’s the kind of engagement that we need more of.”  Those are the places where we need to be.  What a testimony, not mainly to the released felons (though definitely that. at least), but to the state of California and the nation as a whole.  On top of this, it means that the Church still knows how to see a need and respond.  In one sense, we can’t solve the world’s problems, only God can.  Yet, in another sense, the Church needs to be able to solve problems…to look at disease, diagnose it, and find a cure.  I heard a guy this year say that Africa needs people who can solve problems.  I would say that the Church does too.  We are great at noticing a problem, dissecting it, understanding? it, complaining about it, but rarely solving it.  People filled with the Holy Spirit ought to do a lot less of the former and a lot more of the latter. Me too! I’m guilty!

Lord, in your power, because of the Cross, and for Your namesake….make me a problem solver.