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The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His NameSince he was born, I’ve been reading through the Bible with my son, Henry.  We use the Jesus Storybook BibleWe’ve read through the whole thing 6 or 7 times now.  The illustrations are great and the prose is excellent.  The motto of this children’s “translation” is “every story whispers his name.” 

So, as you proceed through the OT, the author helps the child link each particular story with God’s work of redemption in Christ.  This is great in my mind, not just because it’s Christ centered, but moreso because it shows that the Bible makes sense together…instead of being 66 separate books by folks all writing about and believing in a variety of things.  Think of this as a Biblical Theology for kids…or beginners.

This isn’t a book review, but let me add one more thing.  This is so well written and put together that I find my own faith encouraged in reading it.  I’m lead to worship God anew after almost each portion.  I’ve also heard good things about The Big Picture Story Bible though I haven’t read it myself.  We’ll probably buy a copy after another year or two to mix it into our reading time.

What I actually wanted to share was some of the conversation that Henry and I have had from reading together…or better yet, Henry’s first attempts to articulate the Gospel.  Henry knows that every person in the world has fallen down and gotten boo-boos.  He doesn’t yet understand that we willingly do this or that it is our rebellion against a holy and loving God, but he knows we’re all hurt.  He also knows that Jesus came so that He could fall down too.  And because he had boo-boos and fell down, now he is able to kiss our boo-boos and make them all better.  He doesn’t yet get the whole repent of our falling downs, forsaking our boo-boos that we cling to, etc, but he’s getting it.  He’s not yet three, but he knows that Jesus suffered something horrible in order to make us whole again!  It’s a pretty awesome conversation to have!