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Well folks, I wanted to write a short book review of Kevin DeYoung’s book Just Do Something with the hIIIlarious sub-title How to Make a Decision Without Dreams, Visions, Fleeces, Open Doors, Random Bible Verses, Casting Lots, Liver Shivers, Writing in the Sky, etc.  Because the point of this post is ultimately not about this book, I will make the review short.  I liked it…alot.  I agree with his take on how scripture speaks of understanding and living out the will of God.  In short, he argues that while God has and can use the miraculous to communicate, his modus operandi (which might some a bit presumptious if it wasn’t already communicated by God in Scripture) for communicating his desires for our lives is through our reading the Bible, understanding what sort of person God is calling us to be, and living that wisdom from God out in our daily lives.  I’ve read other reviews of the book, and some have accused DeYoung of dismissing prayer in making a decision, but that’s not accurate.  He, repeatedly, recommends prayer during a time of decision.  However, what he suggests praying FOR is completely different.  We aren’t to pray for THE answer, but for God’s wisdom in our lives.  We want God to be a magic 8-Ball or the Oracle at Delphi, but the Bible paints decision making differently; namely, godly men and women making godly decisions for the glory of God!  Buy the book and read it.

So, if reviewing that book wasn’t the main point of this post, what is?  To tell you that Madame S and I are looking dead into the eyes of a big decision, and we need your prayer.  You may or may not know that the country we are heading to is working overtime right now to keep Christians for living out their faith in that land, and part of that strategy is to kick out now more than 100 expats from the country.  If we were ancient Greeks with their oracles or 12 year olds with their Magic 8-Ball, or shamanistic tribal folk looking at the guts of a rat to divine the future, we would be looking for THE answer, for a voice, writing on the wall, a vision, or alphabet soup to spell “Stay Put” or “Get Going.”  But, we’re simply Christians, needing the wisdom of our Father.  Specifically, we’re trying to discern whether to stick to our original entry date and plan or delay or tweak those plans.

DeYoung talks about tough decisions.  He said that sometimes folks feel a lack of concern regarding their choice and they take it as peace from God.  But then he talks about those decisions that you are going to ache over, before and after…not because you are afraid you made the wrong decision or that God’s plan is messed up now, but because either choice would have been heartwrenching or full of unseen dangers ahead.  He suggests that sometimes that sense of peace is just the relief of having made the decision more than it is a confirmation from God, that peace is subjective.  But we honor God by making decisions based on His principles, seeking to glorify Him, and trusting Him to carry us through even the scary, dark places that await us on the other side of the decision.  Do pray if you think of us.