Hey one and all, I wanted to share about an opportunity to empty your pockets for the glory of God.  Christ Bible Seminary in Nagoya, Japan was started just a few years ago by a friend named Michael Oh.  The seminary, while still quite small, is doing some remarkable work in Japan, and their vision for God’s glory in Japan is compelling.  My wife and I support Michael and his family on a monthly basis.  That’s how much we believe in what they are doing!  You can find out more about this opportunity at Desiring God’s blog, the seminary has set up a little website which has a full explanation, and hear more of Michael’s story from Bethlehem Baptist’s pastor’s conference site where he recently shared and on Urbana’s site where he shares about being a South Korean man seeking to advance the Kingdom in Japan despite the unpleasant history between these peoples.

At least look and pray!  But,  better: look, pray, and give!

Monsieur S