While, we are still talking about EM.  There’s recently been a theology text written which Douglas Wilson is arguing is from a EM point of view.  Wilson has been reviewing John Franke’s Manifold Witness over at his blog.  The first installment is here and the second here.  I checked to see what others are saying, and it seems that there are at least a couple of ways to view what Franke is arguing.  Basically, he is arguing that Christianity is pluralistic, though this may or may not (depending on the reviewer) mean that he is saying that pluralism is right.  Instead, he seems to argue that Christianity can be manifested in multiple ways.  The subtitle of the book is The Plurality of Truth, which can be quite scary if what he means is that all religious are the same, but if we mean that there is truth in plural expressions of the one, true faith, then that kinda comes as a no duh, I think.  Wilson really doesn’t seem to like Franke, but I can’t decide if it’s because he thinks Franke is Emergent (Tony Jones and Brian McLaren do write the introduction and forward, so…) or if he think Franke’s logic is lacking.  I hope to read the rest of the installments as they come through, and I’ll try to update this post in the comments section. 

Let me just say that I’m not really THAT interested in the EM controversies.  I will not be coming face to face with those issues in the Muslim world, but I’ve had a few folks ask me about the issues here and so, I thought I could continue to point folks to other blogs that are talking about this issue.