To follow up with my comments on Bonhoeffer and the EM, I wanted to share this post from Mike Wittmer.  You can read more of his sold thoughts on the EM at his blog  He spends a lot of time thinking through the fuller implications of EM thought and dialoguing with various leaders of the movement.  So, here’s a recent post of his:

Over the weekend I skimmed an advance copy of an important book by a leading Emergent which is not yet released, so I’m not free to comment in depth or even state the author or title.  But something the author said made it clear to me that any chance of fruitful dialogue is now lost.

The author declared that we who stand under the Bible as our authority are guilty of the same type of thinking that endorsed slavery, anti-Semitism, genocide, homophobia, the Inquisition, witch-burning, and apartheid (the author instead recommends using the Bible as a common library of diverse viewpoints rather than an internally consistent authority over our lives).

I have three brief responses:

1. You know you are out of arguments when you play the Hitler card.

2. D. A. Carson on his worst day never alleged that any Emergent was in the same class as those who commit genocide, so let the record show that for all their self-congratulation on their ability to dialogue, it was the Emergents who lobbed the grenade that killed the conversation.  Our view of Scripture puts us in the same company with those who burned witches?  Really?!

3. I suspect that this book will become a litmus test for the church.  It will be impossible to minister alongside those who hold its views, as the book essentially promotes a brand new kind of Christianity.  The division is now fixed.  There is no going back.  This conversation is over.