I found a great, quick update concerning what are the “hot topics” in Church History.   I like this list: 1. Because I have discovered as time goes on, how important Church History is for the Church today.  2. Because this list speaks directly to the question of how these 10 issues are important for the Church today to know about and respond to.  3. Because knowing Church History enlarges my own view of God by helping me to get out of my own geographic space and time and see how God has moved for 2000 years.  We may not like it, agree with it, or practice it.  We may not understand it, but that is the Church!  And we are only a blip on the screen.  In 200 years, people will wonder about our practices too and probably call a lot of them heretical.  I highly recommend Andrew Walls’  Missionary Movement in Christian History, especially the first section.  Dense reading, but well worth it.  Anyway, here’s the link to that list.