This is a little poem that I wrote to my wife, Megan, and son, Henry for Valentine’s Day this year.  I thought I would share it with anyone who stumbles upon my little blog here.


To Megan and Henry (2.14.09)

We were 2, and then Love happened

When Jesus happened to you and to me.

Then Love made us 1, but He wasn’t done

Yes Jesus made 1 into 3. 

Wow, look at Love’s math…

It adds and subtracts in ways that make little sense.

The Love of Jesus – a formula unique

Which will, even while growing, condense.


1 + 1 = 1 for Love

And He somehow multiplies 1 into 3

Yet, we 3 are still 1, with all who love the Son

His unnumbered ones in Unity.


So, be not surprised at Love’s math confounding.

It’s hard for you and for me,

But Love’s ever known that 3 can be 1

And that 1 ever, always is 3.